The idea behind this system is the learning method of "spaced repetition" based on the psychological principle of "spacing effect" Click here to read the wikipedia entry on this subject





I have used Access 2007 to make these, and you would need it in order to use the programs.

You can download these eLiteners free of charge and distribute or modify them as you see fit. You may not resell this free educational software for commercial purposes.

You are using this software at your own risk. I will not provide technical support, though if you email me I will try my best to help you with your question.

Before you download this program, please thoroughly read the section on the right that describes how it works.




English Litener Guide

Click bellow to download a pdf instruction guide on how to use the English Litener. I have not written manuals for the other two liteners, though they are very similar.

Software Guide for eLitner (English) - pdf



Litener Software

Click bellow to download the different litener applications.

English Litener

French Litener

General Litener